Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still pick up from my local Good Games?

  • Yes! To do store pick up, please let your friendly local Good Games Staff member know that you would like to buy some singles. In most cases its best to have your cards written down either as an email or on a peice of paper.

You are sold out of X, will you get more?

  • As singles are a very fast moving market, we frequently sell out of the more popular cards. We do our best to get a restock of every popular card, but it can take some time. The best way to make sure you don't miss out is to click "Notify me when back in stock" on the product you are interested in. We will send you an email when the card is back in stock.

What condition are your cards in?

  • Most of our singles are sourced straight from their original boosters and as such are considered Near Mint, however some maybe in Slightly Played condition. If you need your cards in a certain condition, please contact us first.

Banned List Guarantee

  • If you purchase a card and it is banned up to 14 days afterwards, you may return the card to us for a full refund of store credit within 30 days of the ban announcement. Alternatively, we will offer a partial refund in store credit if you prefer to keep the card. The new price will be set 7 days after the announcement. Good Games will not cover any shipping costs and we advise customers to use registered post as we are not responsible for cards lost during transit. This offer is only available through our online store.
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